Derrick E. Woo, OD

Derrick E. Woo, OD, graduated from Southern California College of Optometry in 2001.  He has worked in numerous optometric disciplines, including a large group practice, high end boutique practice and a contact lens specialty practice.  In addition, he has provided care for a vast spectrum of patients, including at a military hospital, at an Indian Health Service center and at a Veteran’s Affairs service unit.

He has administered vision care to the under served both domestically and internationally.  His travels have taken him to Guatemala City, Guatemala and Ensenada, Mexico, where he has partnered with health care teams to treat eye disease and dispense glasses to those in need.  Naturally, he speaks Spanish.  Locally, he is part of the Los Angeles Mission health care team providing services to the disadvantaged in downtown Los Angeles.

As a practitioner certified to perform the fullest scope of optometry under California state law, he is licensed to treat glaucoma perform procedures associated with wet and dry eye prescribe oral and topical antibiotics remove foreign objects from the cornea and treat red eyes.  He brings this wealth of experience with a caring and creative touch to the office.  Having been an optometry patient since the age of 5, long before he became an eye doctor, he knows that every patient deserves a patient, clear and easy to understand explanation of their visual and eye health.  He feels that every concern that you may have should be attended to carefully and addressed in a manner that exceeds your expectations.

You can be assured that you and your family will receive this type of personal care at Pacific Vision Care, Optometric Services, Inc.  Welcome to our office.

Christina Castorena, Optician

Christina has been with Pacific Vision Care, Optometric Services, Inc. since early 2015 and has personally needed many types of corrective eyewear.

She is able to make recommendations to suit your exact needs and solve your visual concerns. Her thorough knowledge about frame brands,helps her find just the right fit and style to have you walking out confident with your eyeglasses decision.  She will ensure that any insurance related questions, whether they be vision or medical, can be answered in a prompt timely manner and be explained to your best understanding.

Christina is currently studying biology and plans to apply to optometry school after completing her undergraduate work.

Karina Concepcion, Optician

Karina joined Pacific Vision Care, Optometric Services, Inc. way back in 2008 with Dr. Bernie thus she knows all the former patients. The second you walk into the office she will remember you by name and will greet you with a big smile, making you feel at home. Because she truly cares for each patient, Karina will make sure you understand your insurance coverage in order to receive the best benefit. When it is time to select your glasses, Karina will not only help you, but also find you the perfect pair because she knows all of the brands and will not be satisfied until you are satisfied. After you have selected your glasses, she will make sure that they fit properly to insure your perfect vision. In regards to contacts, Karina is capable of answering any of your questions and concerns. Once your contact prescription is set she will make sure that it is ordered on time.

What makes Karina different from a good optician is the satisfying and welcoming feeling you receive from her. She will always be there to help you in any of your visual situations.

Marlene Cortez, Receptionist

Dulce Quirarte, Receptionist

Hector Carillo, Optometric Intern

Hector is a student intern at Pacific Vision Care Optometric Services, Inc.,who has been providing patients with quality health care since he jumped on board.

He is currently an undergraduate student at California State University, Fullerton and is pursuing a career in optometry.  He was first introduced into optometry as an adolescent who needed refractive vision correction and has been interested in eye health and vision science ever since.  This interest has led him to Pacific Vision Care, Optometric Services, Inc., where Dr. Woo has been very keen on sharing his knowledge about the eye to Hector and his patients.  Striving to be a future health care leader, Hector wants to make sure that every patient gets a great patient experience.  You can approach him for any questions or concerns that you may have.If you have any questions in Spanish, also, he can help you.

Jenny Thai, Optometric Intern

Jenny Thai graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, class of 2016. She is a former research assistant for Dr. Reznick’s Guppy Lab, and secretary for UCR’s pre-optometry club, Precision for Vision. She has traveled to Tecate, Mexico to volunteer at a clinic with PFV;participated at vision screenings; and volunteered with clubs such as Student Homeless Aid Relief Project and Lions Club International. Jenny has volunteered and shadowed many hours at an optometry office in Fountain Valley, as well as a medical office in Long Beach, giving her the opportunity to practice speaking Vietnamese.  In her free time she likes to explore Southern California to try foods that are trending on social media.  Jenny plans to apply to Optometry school and become a candidate for the class of 2022.